Odunpazarı / Eskişehir Hava Durumu



The Cumhuriyet Park, which was introduced to Eskişehir by Odunpazarı Municipality on the 95th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, has an area of ​​16 thousand square meters. The Republic Monument in the park offers its guests a peaceful and pleasant area with the musical and animated show pool, amphitheater, playgrounds, sports area and jogging path.


The Park, located in the Vadişehir neighborhood, provides different experiences for children and adults. Children's playgrounds, flowerpots, ornamental pool, sculptures and shades are made of recycling materials. Electrical energy obtained from solar and wind energy is used for the park lighting. In Cevre Park, where there are information signs in order to draw attention to environmental pollution, there is a bike, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy by pedaling.


Kanlıkavak Park, which is very popular for Eskişehir residents especially in summer and spring months, is located in Kırmızıtoprak district. Kanlikavak Park, which has an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, is one of the most beautiful parks in Eskisehir. There are 2 children playgrounds in the park, one is for disabled children. There is also a fitness area for visitors who likes doing exercise in nature. Ornamental pool, seating units and walkways have been renovated by Odunpazari Municipality. Renewed park, became Eskişehir's favorite.


When green is mentioned, one of the places that come to mind is Raif Özgür Park which has an area of ​​14 thousand square meters. It is located in Osmangazi District.

Maintenance and rehabilitation work was carried out in 2016 by the Odunpazarı Municipality in Raif Özgür Park, which is just opposite the Kanlıkavak Park.

There are 2 children playgrounds, seating units and walking paths in the Park and there is also a cafeteria where visitors can have traditional Turkish tea and relax.


The Municipality of Odunpazarı, which defends freedom of expression and information, has not forget the press martyrs. By doing landscaping work in the Basın Park in Osmangazi Neighborhood, the park has a new and modern appearance.

There is a signboard at the entrance of the park. The statement "The press is free, cannot be censored" written on this sign refers to Article 28 of the Constitution. In Basın Park, there is a "Press Martyrs Monument".

The park includes outdoor libraries for children and adults and it also features an ornamental pool, interactive playgrounds, chess area, amphitheater.


Uğur Mumcu was one of the pioneers of investigative journalism. He was assassinated as a result of the explosion of a bomb in his car in front of his house and died. This park was built by the municipality of Odunpazari in memory of Uğur Mumcu. His smashed car is protected in a huge glass dohm in the Park. Uğur Mumcu Monument, which consists of newspaper clippings and marbles from 16 different cities, located at the park.

In Uğur Mumcu Park, there are walking paths, children playground and open-air library for children and young people. There is also a cafe in the park.


If you are one of those who likes to walk among trees and colorful flowers, this park is for you. Botanic Park, located in Orhangazi Neighborhood’s Regulator Picnic Area, can provide you and your family a nice time in nature.

The park, which has different garden types such as Turkish garden, Japanese garden, flower garden, topiory garden, has an ivy tunnel, a plant labyrinth for children, a "Kids Gardening Education Area", ornamental pools, and a tropical plant greenhouse.

In the Botanical Park, you can both go for a stroll through the colorful plants and learn about plant species you have never seen before.


The park, which includes a walking path, children's playgrounds, sports equipment for adults and cafes, offers a pleasant atmosphere for those who want to feel the nature in the city. This park is named after a famous story teller Dede Korkut who lived in ancient times. There is also a wall monument in memory of Dede Korkut.


You can see the panoramic view of Eskisehir in Selale (Waterfall) Park which is located at the hills of Çankaya district. There is an artificial waterfall, named after the park. There are also children playground, sports paths, observation terrace, wooden windmill, mini amphitheater and seating areas, Don Quixote and Sancho Poncho Statues in the park. The restaurant and the cafeteria in the Park is for all people who loves to enjoy beatiful view and food.


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